What's happening?

The main section of the play area is finally open!  Click here to preview our new safety signs.  Thank you to Aura Leisure and Dyserth Community Council for providing the signs.

In other news....

Phase 1

The new turf is down, and it's taken nicely to its new home.  Thank you to Dyserth Bowling Club for allowing us to use their outside tap to keep the turf well watered.

In the next few weeks, we should see Proludic's little helpers return to add the swings, and rubber matting to keep the little ones safe.

The grown-ups will also have another bench.  Win win!

The new section is suitable for ages 6m - 5yrs and will be open once the new equipment is in place.

Progress!  The new baby & toddler section is SO nearly done!  July 2020

Phase 2

The football team have been playing here for decades, but there's been no facilities for the players or spectators for years.  Similarly, if you go to the park or field to play, you're not there long before someone needs the loo!

We're working with Dyserth Junior Football Club to ensure the transformation includes toilets!

Let's create a shiny new facility.  We need toilets and changing rooms as the absolute minimum.  DJFC also need storage, and preferably a small kitchen.  Just imagine the lovely cooking smells wafting across the pitch on match days, or being able to have a hot drink while the kids train!  Not to mention having somewhere tidy to put all their equipment, and take a shower after a match - after all these years of not being able to!

As for the community, the toilets section will be accessible for long hours each day, whether the football is on or not.  And for those families living with disabilities, we're including a Changing Places toilet in our plans.  That'll really put us on the map, but there's more - the play area is going to be revamped later, and it will include accessible equipment for wheelchairs too!  So please help us with this, our second phase of three, and we'll see a fantastic change to our play area and field.

Phase 3

Last but definitely not least, is the new play equipment!

We've got so much to choose from, and we can't wait to show you all.  We're going to integrate wheelchair accessible stuff along with climbing, swinging, fun equipment that everyone will be able to play on together!

Kanope by Proludic
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